Unconditional Capacity for Goodness

Unconditional Capacity

Planting Seeds of Enthusiasm

It’s April, a month that inspires renewal, growth and hope! And with Earth Day on April 22, our sense of benevolence takes on a global perspective.

While some look forward to planting physical seeds and engaging in care of our physical environment, the spiritual approach explores planting seeds of transformation in our nature – that will undoubtedly benefit the world outside.

Join us this month as our Acts of Goodness focus on planting seeds of enthusiasm within. These are no ordinary seeds; though invisible to the physical eye, when planted, are deeply felt by the heart. These seeds are a celebration of our spiritual identity, that blossom into a sense of fearlessness in our ever-changing world. They are an acknowledgement of the depth and beauty of others, that flower into cooperation towards family and strangers alike. And these seeds are also that turning of our thoughts towards God, empowering us to let go of all that weakens the soul, and uphold all that elevates.

Goodness will Prevail

March is the time of year when we once again approach that dramatic change of season, from the deep sleep of winter to the awakening of spring. And like most transitions this extreme, it is often accompanied by a lot of fluctuation. But we never doubt that spring will ultimately prevail. This is something to keep in mind as we experience the ups and downs in our efforts to express goodness, while facing the surprises, challenges and setbacks that can characterize daily life. We may really want to do good, but we simply just don’t feel so good inside. What to do?

Spring is that annual ‘miracle’ resulting from silent and invisible processes taking place deep within the earth and nature. Likewise, deep within the being – the soul – there is a core of profound stillness, calm and silence, that tapped into becomes a powerful source of peace and goodness. We can learn to access this with the practice of simply considering the self to be a soul; not this body, these roles, these events.

I, the soul, am the subtle point of consciousness seated behind the eyes in the center of the forehead.

And the result? An inner shift independent of what is happening around us – even in our own heads, that can change the ‘winter of our discontent’ into a glorious spring of goodness!


“Love makes the world go round.” “All you need is love.” “Love is the answer.”
Certainly, love seems to be an essential part of life. So what exactly is it? And are there ‘different kinds of love’? Interesting to consider that the difference may come when love is conditional, and that truly unconditional love has only one expression: pure benevolence. So, what makes love conditional? When I identify myself with my body, and everything and everyone connected to that body. By defining myself by what I have, what I do and who I’m with, my sense of self is subject to the inconsistencies, fluctuations and temporary nature of those aspects. Likewise my attitude, so that my feelings towards others becomes equally inconsistent and fluctuating as well as measured, calculated and yes, conditional. Unconditional love is the natural expression of a human being that is aware of their spiritual identity: a soul, whose spiritual personality is one of lightness and kindness…of goodness. This awareness creates a powerful state of inner well-being, through which I am able to sustain good feelings within, even if the circumstances around me are not so good. This is love…the real deal.

Wanted – Angels of Goodness

We ring in the New Year heeding the need of the moment. In a world crying out for peace, kindness, love, forgiveness, and hope – it’s time to reveal the angel within. Becoming an Angel of Goodness is not as overwhelming as one might think. It begins by recognizing and experiencing our true identity, as a subtle, sacred point of spiritual light – a soul. It is empowered by connecting to the Eternal Source of Benevolence, the Supreme Soul. It’s not a matter of believing in angels…it’s a matter of believing in oneself. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Glow of Goodness

Light has always had its attraction, but as with all things, the less there is, the more we value it. As we approach the darkest time of the year, we find ourselves increasingly pulled to all that sparkles, shines and glows. We delight in the ‘glow’ of the physical lights around us during the holiday season, but of even greater attraction is the radiance that comes from a deep sense of inner peace and well-being. To be glowing with happiness, contentment, purity or peace is simply a reflection of the beauty and goodness within the soul. And it is this light that can inspire and kindle hope in those whose inner flame may have burnt low.

How to increase your inner glow? Let go….let go of all that dampens your spirits, and blocks your brilliance. Let go of the past, and all that shoulda-woulda-coulda been, by letting go of all that isn’t me, and was never truly mine. I’m a soul, a point of light, a vibrant, living star, and my purpose is – to shine! So ‘let go and glow’ with the pure pride of knowing who you truly are, an Act of Goodness that automatically improves your relationship with yourself and others. This year give the gift of not lingering in the past, so that you can fully enjoy the present, and welcome the future with open arms.

Gratitude is the Best Attitude


The practice of expressing gratitude and the sense of well-being it brings is something already widely recognized. In fact, an attitude of gratitude is an attitude of fortune – realizing and appreciating how fortunate we are. The question is whether this fortune is derived from physical and therefore temporary aspects in our life: relationships, the body, titles, possessions, etc., or on spiritual and therefore eternal aspects within ourselves, such as our innate goodness and virtues. Certainly both can be appreciated, but perhaps the second could benefit us more and deserves more of our attention. Outer wealth vs. inner treasures. What we have vs. what we are. And when our attitude of being fortunate is based on what we are, we will be able to appreciate others for what they are rather than what they have or what they do. In order to generate a constant state of gratitude, an awareness of our spiritual identity automatically connects us to those inner riches, and the deep feeling of how immensely and truly fortunate we are.

Experiencing the Grace of Goodness

Renouncing what we are not to make space for what we are.


One of the greatest skills one can develop is the ability to let go; to no longer hold onto what harms and therefore make space for what heals and empowers. And when we care for the self by remembering and experiencing our spiritual identity, there is automatically and naturally a letting go of false, temporary and limiting aspects of oneself. The result…a state of grace, that state of true well-being where the innate goodness of the soul is free to express itself. Firstly as an experience of one’s own dignity, beauty and value, which is then extended towards others as a vision and attitude of respect, compassion, acceptance and regard. Such a simple effort that has such a powerful and exponential impact. So take time to nurture that seed of goodness within by remembering who you are, and become a creator of your own state of grace – that blissful state in which goodness colors all that you do.

Being at peace with myself is an act of love that creates ripples of happiness


Before there can be real happiness, there must be peace, and for there to be real peace, one must be free. In a world that has become increasingly stressful and chaotic, real peace is one of the most sought after commodities, but also the most elusive, making the contribution of peace perhaps the greatest and most needed act of goodness at this time. The key qualification to being an Ambassador of Peace is to be at peace within; if one is able to bring peace to their own mind, it will automatically radiate out to the world. What can go a long way in creating that sense of inner peace is to check the degree of waste, expansion, and confusion in our own minds. A peaceful mind is a silent mind; a mind that is free of the constant ‘noise and clutter’ of expectations and desires, worries and regrets. The mind needs to be free to both receive and radiate peace…and in today’s world, ironically, free seems difficult for most to afford.

This month the focus is: to express love for the self and others by generating inner, and therefore, outer peace. Explore and experience the impact an awareness of self, beyond limited roles and responsibilities, can have on reducing the ‘noise’ of unnecessary thinking, and the genuine happiness this brings.

Celebrating Month of August with Acts of Goodness by Committing to Love the Self and Others!


As we start to celebrate our first month with Acts of Goodness, we wish to bring the uniqueness of AOG on the surface i.e. goodness towards the self first. We hope to commit to love the self by taking care of the self through rich and healing servings of silence.

“When we learn to balance silence and activity, we will become powerful.” Powerful of course means, “a force of benevolence in the world.”

An act of goodness must be seeded in goodness towards the self. If I cannot treat myself well, than how can I possibly do that for another being or moment? The most profound AOG is to express regard for the self, at the most deep level; at the spiritual level. Imagine if I did 7 billion AOGs towards the self!

Throughout the day, to have the ‘hobby’ of nurturing, empowering and celebrating the beauty of the self, which can be experienced in true silence. Feeding the self rich and healing servings of silence feeds the intrinsic goodness within, such that nothing but goodness can come out! Truth and authenticity, beauty and benevolence, reside in silence. Silence is pure, clean, honest and eternal. Because of this, it heals the relationship with the self…enables us to believe in ourself again. Forgive ourself. Those who fear meditation, who fear going inside, need to dive deeper than the accusatory voices that reside on the surface. If we live there, the only acts we perform will be based on trying to ‘take’ approval, forgiveness, validation from outside. It’s not really giving at all. But, if we can dive deep, pulled by the wonderful memories of our true nature, our divine and royal nature, this creates a foundation of self-respect which has the power to truly do good.

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