Why this Initiative?

This initiative gives us access to our innate goodness in a way that is sustainable and independent of what is going on around us. As we face increasing turmoil and uncertainty in the world, maintaining a cool head and an open heart is becoming more and more challenging. This is about meeting the overwhelming stress, sorrow and violence with an exponential, ripple effect of care and compassion. People are aware of what a good act is, are already acting with love and kindness, and would ultimately like all their actions to be good. But without the strength that comes from a foundation of spirituality, their actions can be colored by dependencies, attachments, desires and expectations, leading to frustration, resentment, being overwhelmed and complete burn out! And usually the ones who are caring for others consistently neglect themselves. They are looking for guidance. They need spiritual power. And we need to be the examples.

Why 7 Billion?

7 billion serves to underscore the fact that, ultimately, it isn’t about numbers or even about performing 7 billion acts, but rather, how spirituality makes us capable of expressing goodness so that it touches 7 billion souls. That, as spiritual beings, we have the capacity to positively impact countless others with the quality of energy and vibrations we generate by holding a spiritual awareness of ourselves.