7 Billion Acts of Goodness at the 15th Annual India Festival in Columbus, Ohio

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On Saturday August 24th, 2013 the Brahma Kumaris participated in the 15th Annual India Festival, the largest Annual Indian Festival in Ohio, at the Veteran Memorial in Columbus, OH. The festival’s purpose was to bring the diversity of Asian Indian Culture with all it’s splendor to Central Ohio. The festival showcased cultural items, Indian cuisine, India fashion garments and the Brahma Kumaris very own Acts of Goodness Project. Over 10,000 plus people interested in promoting and celebrating Ohio’s diversity visited the festival in Columbus.

Indeed the Acts of Goodness table was one-of-a-kind. The Acts of Goodness table allowed the participants to explore the playful side of themselves with the bean bag toss game. The premise of Acts of Goodness was explained to the participants after they played the AOG game. This was a big hit, especially with the children and youth who were eager to play the game, listen to the spiritual guidance and finally write a promise to hang on the acts of goodness tree. From this festival we were able to see just how much children are ready to learn about what an Act of Goodness really is!