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AOG Launch in Malaysia

Audience in Hall

The 7 Billion Acts of Goodness global campaign was officially launched at the Royal Lake Club in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on Sunday, 3 August 2014. On that auspicious evening, some 400 people had come together to witness the launch and many were inspired to pin their pledges on the Tree of Goodness. It was a truly beautiful sight and the atmosphere was charged with positive vibrations.

Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, an advocate of women’s rights, HIV/AIDS activist and TV producer, officiated the launch together with Didi Chakradhari, the Brahma Kumaris Director-General of Russia and other USSR Republics.


In her speech, Datin Paduka Marina praised the Brahma Kumaris for the timely campaign when human beings seem to have lost their own humanity and the whole world is experiencing extreme turmoil and suffering brought on by unnecessary conflicts, civil war, unrest and religious persecution. Didi Chakradhari said that positive change will only come through selfless service with no expectation of name or fame. She urged all to grow good seeds (thoughts) of divine virtues and inspire others by doing good.

BuddhistMonk with pledge

To assist the audience to make their pledges, Sister Meera guided the audience with her commentary. She mentioned that every act performed is like a seed. She requested all to focus their thoughts to emerge their inner qualities of peace, love and mercy for empowerment to pledge to do goodness to the self and others for all to live in peace and harmony.

22 heads/representatives of organisations, associations, NGOs and Interfaith groups also joined the guest-of-honours on stage to pledge their Acts of Goodness on a huge picturesque Tree of Goodness.

Group Photo

Another Tree of Goodness was also placed at the back of the Hall for the other guests to make their pledges. Everyone in the audience were so enthusiastic to pledge their own acts of goodness so much so that the Tree of Goodness was completely covered by the pledges.

There was also an exhibition corner where posters were put up for people to understand better what the 7 Billion Acts of Goodness campaign is about.

Photo at HoldingRm

The programme was very well received and a great success. Several organisations and NGOs indicated their interest to organize similar events at their respective places so that more people can be motivated to perform their acts of kindness.

Seeing goodness in others

I felt good when i help my brother and i saw goodness in him. It made him happy and it made me also very very happy to find that I did something good to him. It felt very good to me.

– Darsh Desai (USA)

Little Kind Acts

Having attended a talk about “Goodness” at The Brahma Kumaris gave me more awareness around the importance of how little kind acts can make a big difference.

– Elaine Atcheler (Australia)

Kinder place

To know I am consciously helping to create a kinder and gentler place in the world drama.

– Denise Zeiff (USA)

God’s Love

It will feed the soul that I am, what gladdens your heart feeds your soul. It will deepen my connection with God, because it will be God,s love I am sharing

– Margaret McCathie (UK)

Self Satisfaction

Gives Self Satisfaction and motivates me to reach others in making them feel one among the nature. To realize my self and others about how our inner world influence the outer world. Acts of goodness are to be understood and practiced in the welfare of society, mankind and Nature.

– BK Rekha (India)

Materialism to Spirituality

I will accelerate my journey of less materialism to more spirituality. I will gain many moments of inner peace and happiness from seeing others excel beyond their dreams. I will smile more and worry less. My children we see their father become the man he has always wanted to be.

– Terry Denton (New Zealand)

The Domino Effect

No matter how many people doubt me or put me down, I will not repeat the action to them. This will help me know my positive vision of myself is correct, and this will shine from within me. When others see this, they will hesitate to doubt anyone and will choose to believe in others, as well. The domino effect will continue by these simple actions that anyone can do. Even if this starts with only two people, it will slowly spread to the whole world.

– Anand Dharawat (USA)

AOG Booth at Peace in the Park, NY

7 Billion Acts of Goodness booth was setup at Peace in the Park – an annual Brahma Kumaris event in New York, USA on Friday, July 18, 2014. The booth attracted people from all age groups and walks of life and instilled in them the spirit to perform acts of goodness

Goodness Festival in Chennai, India

A 3 Day program Goodness Festival was arranged by the Adyar, Chennai branch of Brahma Kumaris at Besant Nagar, Housing Board Community Hall. This is aimed to re-discover the goodness within, create a global culture of care and compassion. The festival started on 27th June 2014 and went on till 29th June (8 am to 8 pm) with special sessions and exhibition The festival aims to create awareness about values of Self, God and Act of Goodness through several lectures, seminars and workshops with focus on artists, women, youth, teachers and professionals from various backgrounds. They can implement these values and goodness in their personal and professional life. This event covers our canopy theme of this year for service – “Year of Receiving God’s Power for Great Transformation”. We believe this Goodness Festival has brought in positive vibes in our locality.

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