The project 7 Billion Acts of Goodness: Returning to Who We Are explores the beauty of being ourselves. It is a movement based on the spiritual law that we are all inherently good and that goodness is innate. The goal is to embark on a shared journey to re-discover this truth and create a global environment of goodness.

Action is any form of expression– physical, or subtle like vision and thoughts. It is a seed which eventually bears fruit, bad or good. An Act of Goodness (AOG) is what we consciously perform as we focus on our pure intention and positive attitude behind the action. Quite often we believe that goodness lies in helping others, but through this project we will learn that the first act of goodness should be towards the self. It is only when we are happy that we can make the world happy and better. An AOG, performed towards the self, creates ripples in the universe and naturally gets extended to friends, family, relatives, neighbors, nature, animals, the poor, the sick, etc. Goodness lies in simplicity. An AOG then, need not be a heroic act, but just a simple and natural act that will inspire others to do good deeds. It can be an act of comforting, encouraging, forgiving or personal sacrifice that inspires others and creates an environment of love and cooperation.

Since the population of the world has reached 7 billion, together as a human world family we aim to perform 7 billion acts of goodness– one towards every human being within one year.

“7 Billion Acts of Goodness: Returning to Who We Are”, is an initiative designed to exponentially increase expressions of benevolence in the world. It is a movement based on the spiritual truth that goodness is innate, and that by cultivating a spiritual awareness of the self, we can tap into this inherent goodness in a way that makes us capable of generating unlimited acts of goodness. Our goal is to embark on a journey together to re-discover this truth and create a global culture of care and compassion.

Goodness = benevolence, which is literally good will. We develop our capacity of good will through expressing good wishes towards ourselves and others; as much as possible. And the first and foremost good wish is one we have for the self, one that acknowledges our true identity – that I am a spiritual being. An Act of Goodness (AOG) does not have to be a heroic act. A simple shift in our awareness above and beyond the limited perspectives can transform an ordinary act into one that can uplift and inspire others to perform good deeds.

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