AAA Approach

AOG uses an inside-out approach, which recognizes that what we do is important, but how we do it is essential. To support this approach, we will be inviting people to reconnect with their inner goodness, using three access points: Awareness, Attitude and Action.

Awareness: A state of being aware of and experiencing, that “I” am intrinsically good. It all starts and ends here. What if one AOG could automatically generate countless others? By changing our awareness to a spiritual one that goes far beyond race, gender, age, language, culture, religion, etc., we are tapping into an unlimited potential to instantly transform and elevate our attitude, vision, thoughts, words and actions.

Attitude: It is a state of mind resulting from the awareness of the self we are holding, which determines our thoughts, feelings and perceptions about everyone and everything. Holding an attitude of unconditional and benevolent feelings allows us to experience goodness in everything we do.

Action: Includes any form of expression; from the physical actions we perform through our bodies, to more subtle ones, like the way we see each other, or the thoughts we have. When we comfort or give happiness to someone, it bounces back and fills us with internal happiness. Good actions make us feel good about ourselves, and an elevated awareness and attitude ensures that the impact of those actions is good.

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