Reflecting on what is happiness, for a few moments at least, it’s likely you will come up with three predominant feelings when you are authentically happy – contentment, joy and bliss. Contentment which, occurs naturally when nothing and no one can disturb you, joy that arises when naturally from deep within I engage in the process that we are designed to do, which is to ‘be creative’, and bliss that comes naturally as long as we remain internally free.

It’s in moments of meditation that it’s possible to touch and taste our original and unadulterated state of being. It has been discovered that what is within us remains ours forever, whereas outside things, like money or possessions, can disappear. The more we take time in stillness to reflect the easier it becomes to recognize, extract and eliminate anything that pollutes that sate.

Artificial showy happiness makes one peace-less. Happiness that is based on what I am eating, drinking and wearing is superficial happiness. True happiness is like a nourishment and experience of the same cures the sickness of sorrow.

When I discover my own strengths and virtues and use them for greater good, then I am happy! Being happy is an act of goodness towards the self, if I am happy, I am able to make others happy and this in turn is an act of goodness towards others.

A cheerful face goes a long way towards making everything better!