7 Billion Acts of Goodness at Marwari Association of Ohio

Firestone Metro Park Coventry Oaks Area, 40 Axline Avenue, Akron. Ohio-44319

The Marwari Association of Ohio held its 25th Anniversary on Sunday, August 11, 2013 [12:00pm to 7:30pm], in one of the largest parks in the state Firestone Metro Park. This year, the 7 billion Acts of Goodness team was invited by Sushila Mohanka (programs co-ordinator of Marwari association) to participate in this celebratory meeting. There were many Marwari friends and families attending this event from in and around Ohio.

Amidst many activities like ‘Inner healing and benefits’, Eye exercise’, indoor and outdoor games for children and adults, there was a booth exhibition on 7 billion Acts of Goodness. From the posters displayed at the booth, many people took benefit of the underlying spiritual message that we are inherently good and that recognizing and realizing this truth would create a vibration of goodness and allow the world to radiate unlimited waves of goodness. People from all age groups – children, young and old enjoyed a game activity through which they came to know about their unique specialty in performing acts of goodness. Many also decorated the “Goodness Tree” with good wishes and blessings for a better world.

The exhibition was well received by one and all. The booth was facilitated by Tina Agarwal and Saurabh Gupta along with Vandana Sareen, Michelle Gippin, and Kristina Hoefel.