Care is nurturing the soul. Caring enough to follow our dreams in order to create the life we envisioned. It’s about finding the good in me and others. Listening to our inner voice. Awakening our soul to the good that exist in me. For the people who are better off taking care of others, look inside and know it starts with us. Sometimes we can’t get everything done in one day, don’t worry, and know that whatever we can get done is enough. It’s about treating others kindly from the heart because we feel good about ourselves. Once I do that I can fully understand others.

Wake up every morning and look forward to finding the goodness of humanity. We know it’s out there. How could it not be? We have to look in between all the sad stories you hear broadcasted on the news night after night. We have to look within and find the good emerge again. That one shining moment when you can see the sun trying to peak out from behind the clouds. Be that sun!

Let’s brighten our day with the beauty and power that already exists inside of us. Let’s awaken that part of us that has been asleep for too long.

If one person could do just one good deed for another person just once a day, imagine what a difference it would make in the world. We as a world can make it happen. Let’s start a new movement by doing just one small act of goodness and use our new found power to spread good around our world!

Take a Stand – by Dori Rochelle

A new beginning is upon us

Can’t you see it

If you allow it to arrive

Allow yourself to ‘care’

Reach inside and pull out your inner strength

Time to spread the ‘peace’

Time to be ‘strong’

For far too long

The world around us has been crumbling

Listen closely

Can you hear the rumbling?

The sound of people’s dreams dying

Who will the first to take a stand?

Who will be brave enough to raise their hand?

To spread goodness instead of dread

To care what happens to your fellow men

The time has come to bring back the good

To come out of hiding and do what we should

Any little bit help to turn our world around

If only enough brave new souls could be found!