Celebrating Month of August with Acts of Goodness by Committing to Love the Self and Others!

“When you learn to balance silence and activity, you will become powerful.” Powerful of course means, “a force of benevolence in the world.”

An act of goodness must be seeded in goodness towards the self. If I cannot treat myself well, than how can I possibly do that for another being or moment? The most profound AOG is to express regard for the self, at the most deep level; at the spiritual level. Imagine if I did 7 billion AOGs towards the self!

Throughout the day, to have the ‘hobby’ of nurturing, empowering and celebrating the beauty of the self, which can be experienced in true silence. Feeding the self rich and healing servings of silence feeds the intrinsic goodness within, such that nothing but goodness can come out! Truth and authenticity, beauty and benevolence, reside in silence. Silence is pure, clean, honest and eternal. Because of this, it heals the relationship with the self…enables us to believe in ourself again. Forgive ourself. Those who fear meditation, who fear going inside, need to dive deeper than the accusatory voices that reside on the surface. If we live there, the only acts we perform will be based on trying to ‘take’ approval, forgiveness, validation from outside. It’s not really giving at all. But, if we can dive deep, pulled by the wonderful memories of our true nature, our divine and royal nature, this creates a foundation of self-respect which has the power to truly do good.